How the Leopard Got His Spots by Rudyard Kipling

How the Leopard Got His Spots Book Cover

Blog 2 InfoGenre: Africa / Changes / Friendship

Year Published: 1989

Year Read: 1994

Series: Storybook Classics

Publisher: Rabbit Ears Books

Blog 1 Introduction logo“How the Leopard Got His Spots” is the fourth of the “Just So Stories” to be introduced in the Rabbit Ears Storybook Classics Series. The story features narration from Danny Glover, African music from Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Lori Lohstoeter’s colorful and beautiful illustrations.

Blog 4 ProsDanny Glover narrates the story with an African accent, making this story filled with an African culture feeling to the story. Also, Danny Glover’s narration is full of energy as he seems to be ecstatic about narrating this “Just So” story. Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s African influenced music is mostly filled with the vocal talents of each member and in perfect harmony, they create a soothing and energetic vocal sounding music that greatly enhances the African roots of the story. Lori Lohstoeter’s illustrations are beautiful and colorful as the illustrator masterfully illustrates each animal with vibrant colors, especially when they changed their colors. The illustrations that are the true highlights of this story are the images of the Leopard drawn as an extremely beautiful creature as he is mostly yellow at first and is more beautiful when his skin is full of purple and reddish spots. Also, the Ethiopian is drawn as a calm and chubby man and when he changes his colors, he becomes more vibrant as he gets darker.

Blog 5 ConsThe only problem I found with this story is that Danny Glover’s narration is a bit difficult to understand. Danny Glover sounds as if he has a sore throat when narrating this story as his voice tends to give out on him at certain times such as, when he was describing the animals in the High Veldt and you can barely hear the words “Eland” and “Hartebeest” since his voice gets soft at these words.

Blog 6 Overall“How the Leopard Got His Spots” is another classic from the “Just So Stories” collection and is truly a memorizing story about going through changes in life. This story is probably the most energetic and attractive of the four “Just So Stories” introduced on Rabbit Ears and is surely to delight children ages eight and up.

Blog 7 Awards  Parents’ Choice– Honor Award – Silver  Grammy Award Nomination – Best Recording for Children Action for Children’s Television (ACT) Award

5 stars

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The Fisherman and his Wife by Eric Metaxas

The Fisherman and his Wife Book Cover


Blog 2 InfoGenre: Fairy Tale / Drama / Family / Magic

Year Published: 1989

Year Read: 1993

Series: Storybook Classics

Publisher: Rabbit Ears Books

Blog 1 Introduction logo

Most of the Rabbit Ears Series that I have seen were mostly aimed at children and would not contain material objectionable to younger children. However, The Fisherman and his Wife was the first story from Rabbit Ears that I have watched that actually kept me at the edge of my seat. The illustrations, the music, and the overall mood of the story are somewhat intense and gloomy at the same time, which has become one of my most watched Rabbit Ears story other than “The Fool and the Flying Ship.”

Blog 4 Pros

Like every Rabbit Ears story, there is a combination of narration from various celebrities, music, and illustrations to complement to the story without using animation to tell the story. The Fisherman and his Wife is no different from the other Rabbit Ears stories and is narrated by none other than Jodie Foster. Jodie Foster’s narration is monotonic as she speaks solely in a gloomy tone giving the story a mysterious edge. Diana Bryan’s dark silhouette illustrations enhances the story by creating frightening allusions for the story such as the large appearance of the flounder and scenes where the sea changes color dramatically from light blue to dark purple when the storm is approaching towards the fisherman. Van Dyke Parks’ music is extremely mesmerizing as the music resembles a sort of old England tune giving the story a mysterious yet elegant feeling that ranges from the fisherman’s mysterious encounter with the flounder to the elegant lifestyle of the fisherman’s wife.

The Fisherman and his Wife

Blog 5 ConsParents should know that younger children may be frightened by this video because of the intense scenes involved in this video. One such intense scene involves the storm causing chaos where it goes, as dark silhouette houses and boulders come crashing down the hill and bright flashes of lightning fill the screen every few seconds. Also, to add to the intensity of the storm scene, when the fisherman approaches the sea, the sea starts changing colors drastically from a lively blue color to a dark and foreboding purple color. Many children may find the disturbing images, such as the brief scene where the flounder’s eyes turn red during the storm and the dark silhouette images of the boulders and clouds overwhelming the screen, to be frightening indeed. However, this scene is not as bad as those gory scenes you would find in horror movies nowadays.

Blog 6 OverallThe Fisherman and his Wife is simply perfect and breathtaking. The images by Diana Bryan bring an eerie feel to the story but keeps the story fast-paced. Also, I enjoy how the moral of the story was established by starting off with the fisherman’s wife wanting to be more powerful than anyone and then suddenly she loses all that power because she was so greedy. This moral applies to anyone who want many materialistic things but ends up losing everything in the end. Despite the intense scenes, this video is worth watching over and over again.

Blog 7 Awards Parents’ Choice – Honor Award – Silver


5 stars

Review is also on: Rabbit Ears Book Blog

Recommend This! Wednesday #1: Top 3 Funniest Rabbit Ears Titles You Should Check out!

Recommend this Wednesday


Hello everyone! This is Rabbit Ears Book Blog and I am hosting a new meme called “Recommend This Wednesday” where you recommend various books or other subjects to fellow bloggers!

For this week, I will be recommending my top 3 Funniest Rabbit Ears titles that you should check out!


Three Billy GoatsPecos BillThe Fool and the Flying Ship

3. The Three Billy Goats Gruff and the Three Little Pigs: Another fantastic story that is as memorable as it is hilarious! Holly Hunter’s talent for changing her voice for different characters really shines in this collection as she takes on the voices of the Big Bad Wolf, the troll, the pigs and the Billy Goats and makes each characters sound so memorable! David Jorgensen’s artwork is both beautiful and hilarious to look at as the characters’ expressions really stand out in the story!

2. Pecos Bill: Another Rabbit Ears story narrated by Robin Williams, this popular tall tale legend that stars everyone’s favorite cowboy is given a more humorous tone as Robin Williams’ narration is full of good humor and energy that really defines this story. Tim Raglin’s artwork adds more to the light hearted mood of this story as the artwork is extremely colorful and gorgeous to look at!

1. The Fool and the Flying Ship: A Russian folktale that is given a more comedic remake with Robin Williams hilariously narrating this story and giving different voices to various characters and Henrik Drescher’s bizarre yet hilarious artwork that gives the story a more comedic and energetic tone! This story is surely one that fans of pure comedy should check out!

So, what are your top 3 Funniest Rabbit Ears titles? Answer in the comments below!


Posted on Wednesday, September 3, 2014.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Book Cover

Blog 2 Info

Genre: Halloween / Horror / Romance

Year Published: 1988

Year Read: 2009

Series: Storybook Classics

Publisher: Rabbit Ears Books

Blog 1 Introduction logo

“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” is another fantastic story from Rabbit Ears’  “Storybook Classic” series.  Everyone knows the famous story of Icabod Crane and his encounter with the Headless Horseman.  “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” is one of the greatest stories ever created by Washington Irving and with Glenn Close’s haunting narration along with Tim Story’s eerie music and Robert Van Nutt’s beautiful yet haunting illustrations makes this one classic that no one will ever miss!

Blog 4 Pros

Glenn Close’s narration is haunting and tender at the same time throughout this video.  Glenn Close  is extremely tender in her tone of voice when she narrates the peaceful life of Icabod Crane and when the Headless Horseman is mentioned, Glenn Close’ s voice suddenly gets dark and frightening, especially during the scene where the Headless Horseman starts chasing Icabod.  Tim Story’s music is tranquil yet haunting at the same time especially during the scenes of the Headless Horseman where his music gets a spooky tone and intensifies when the Headless Horseman starts chasing Icabod.  Robert Van Nutt’s illustrations are beautiful, especially of the illustration of Katrina Van Tassel herself with her golden and curly hair and beautiful blue eyes.  Robert Van Nutt’s illustrations are also haunting especially of the image of the Headless Horseman being shown as a silhouette and spouting a scary looking pumpkin head which he carries in his arms.



Blog 5 Cons

Parents should know that there are some genuinely scary scenes in this video that makes “The Fisherman and His Wife” look like a friendly family video.  The scenes with the Headless Horseman are extremely intense especially towards the end of the video where it chases Icabod around the town.  Also, parents might be concern about the use of “hell” in this video as this video is aimed towards children.  Parents might want to see this video first before they show it to their children just to see of their children can handle the scary scenes in this story and also teach their children about how the word “hell” is used in this video as it is use in context to the underworld.

Blog 6 Overall

“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” is probably Rabbit Ears’ scariest tale ever created and is also a very moving video for children who love romance and horror combined into one story.  Children will certainly fall in love with this video for its tranquil beginning about Icabod’s life and the horror that the Headless Horseman brings into the story.  I would recommend this video to children ages seven and up due to many scenes that can be frightening to smaller children and because of the use of the word “hell” mentioned two times in the video.

Blog 7 Awards Grammy Award Nomination – Best Recording for Children Parents Magazine – The Year’s Best for Kids Action for Children’s Television (ACT) – Broadcast Series Parents’ Choice – Gold Seal Award for Video 1989 National Academy of Cable Programming (ACE) Award Nomination Children’s Programming 8 and younger and Methods Portfolio


5 stars


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East of the Sun West of the Moon by D.J. MacHale

East of the Sun West of the Moon Book Cover

Blog 2 Info

Genre: Folktale / Norway / Drama / Romance

Year Published: 1991

Year Read: 1998

Series: We All Have Tales

Publisher: Rabbit Ears Books


Blog 1 Introduction logoFor many years I have been a big fan of Rabbit Ears ever since I was a child and I have seen many Rabbit Ears stories that were about the whole love conquering evil theme.  Well, “East of the Sun West of the Moon” is one of those stories and is also a beautiful love story from the well-known Rabbit Ears “We All Have Tales” series.  With Max Von Sydow’s touching narration, Lyle Mays’ soothing and dramatic music and Vivienne Flesher’s magnificent drawings, this video is sure to be a true classic among both children and adults.

Blog 4 Pros

Max Von Sydow’s narration is mesmerizing and haunting at the same time as he brilliantly narrates a beautiful woman’s attempts at trying to rescue the love of her life from the clutches of the evil troll queen.  Max Von Sydow, most notable for his acting in “The Exorcist,” provides a haunting voice when he is voicing the Troll Queen.  A great example of this is when Max Von Sydow depicts the Troll Queens laughter as he laughs in a hollow and frightening tone.  Also, Max Von Sydow narrates the story with a soothing voice, especially of the scene where the Prince calmly tells the Troll Queen that the power of love broke the spell.  Lyle Mays’ enchanting music provides a spirited sound to this story and one scene where the music was truly sensational was the scene of the girl and the bear traveling in the forest together with the sound of the piano, accompanied by the orchestra of strings, providing the background music.  Vivienne Flesher’s beautiful illustrations are smoothed out and enchanting and she brings life to the girl as she illustrates her with flourishing blond hair and beautiful facial features.



Blog 5 Cons

Parents should know that there are some scary scenes in this video that include the North Wind and the Troll Queen.  Both these characters are threatening towards the girl, but the Troll Queen is probably the one that younger children will be scared of the most.  The North Wind is portrayed as black gusts of wind, but the way that Max Von Sydow makes the North Wind’s voice extremely menacing will be too frightening for smaller children to handle. The scene where the girl meets the Troll Queen is probably the video’s scariest scene as the Troll Queen is depicted as a grayish-blue woman whose red mouth is mostly shown, especially when she is screaming at the girl and she usually hangs around the darkest corners of her castle.  Also, the Troll Queen’s transformation into a genuine troll may be upsetting for small children, even though the drawings are so smudged that the child probably would not know the difference anyway.

Blog 6 Overall

“East of the Sun West of the Moon” is one of Rabbit Ears’ most dramatic and romantic stories in the “We All Have Tales” series.  Also, its masterful storytelling makes this story extremely exciting and emotional to watch about the girl’s plight when she breaks her promise to the prince.

Blog 7 Awards Parents’ Choice Gold Award CINE Golden Eagle Award Parents Magazine – The Year’s Best Videos for kids American Library Association – Notable Children’s Recording Parents’ Choice Silver Honors (audio)


5 stars


Also reviewed at: Rabbit Ears Book Blog

Paul Bunyan by Brian Gleeson

Paul Bunyan Book Cover

Blog 2 InfoGenre: Tall Tale / Logging / Humor

Year Published: 1990

Year Read: 2010

Series: Storybook Classics

Publisher: Rabbit Ears Books

Blog 1 Introduction logo

There have been many Rabbit Ears stories that I have not heard of up until now and “Paul Bunyan” is one of them.  “Paul Bunyan” is about the largest and tallest logging man in history named Paul Bunyan who starts his adventures as he tries to chop down all the trees in the Dakotas so that the new settlers could have homes to live in.  Jonathan Winters’ rich narration along with Leo Kottke and Duck Baker’s inspiring music and Rick Meyerowitz’s hilarious illustrations, all combine together to make “Paul Bunyan” one of the most creative and hilarious stories ever created on Rabbit Ears!

Blog 4 Pros

Being a huge fan of the Rabbit Ears series ever since I was five years old, I could imagine myself loving this story at first sight… yes, I loved this story at first sight!  Jonathan Winters’ narration is the true highlight of this story as it is rich and full of excitement and the scene where I thought that Jonathan Winters’ narration truly shined was when he provided a hearty laugh for Paul Bunyan, making Paul Bunyan’s character a truly friendly one.  Rick Meyerowitz’s illustrations are extremely hilarious and creative at the same time as the pictures are mainly accompanied by a white background, effectively emphasizing to the reader that it is wintertime in the story.  The image that stood out the most for me was the image of Paul Bunyan himself as he wears a red flannel shirt with green overalls, brown boots, an orange cap and bushy black hair and a bushy black beard.  I also loved the way that most of the characters are always shown smiling towards the audience since it helped brighten the mood of this story!  Leo Kottke and Duck Baker’s music is fantastic as it is mainly accompanied by a solo guitar which gives the story a tranquil spirit that will have both children and adults be mesmerized by the beauty of a solo guitar.  Brian Gleeson’s writing is just as hilarious and brilliant in this book as it was in “Pecos Bill” as Paul Bunyan is portrayed as an optimistic and inventive character who always has a solution to every problem that he comes against.  What really surprised me about this book was the half-way environmental theme at the end of the story. I will not tell you what happened since I do not want to spoil this story for you, but this was the only version of “Paul Bunyan” that I have heard that had an ending that ended on an environmental note and it was this part of the story that I really enjoyed!

Paul Bunyan

Blog 6 Overall

Overall, “Paul Bunyan” is definitely one of the most hilarious and creative stories created by Rabbit Ears Productions and I am sure that many adults and children will enjoy this hilarious version of America’s favorite tall tale hero Paul Bunyan!

*~A Little Side Note~*

The book version and the DVD version of this story are one of the same, meaning that they have about the same illustrations and the same writing.  The only difference is that one is animated and the other you can just read out loud to yourself.  I am pointing this out because I noticed that many people buy the books from the Rabbit Ears series, but the books do not contain the audio cd to go with the book, so personally, I usually buy the DVD instead because it has both the narrator and the illustrations combined into one and it is more convenient for me, however I would not discourage anyone from reading the books from the Rabbit Ears series.

Blog 7 Awards 1991  Grammy Award Nomination – Best Recording for Children


5 stars


Also reviewed at: Rabbit Ears Book Blog

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