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Recommend This! Wednesday #1: Top 3 Funniest Rabbit Ears Titles You Should Check out!

Recommend this Wednesday


Hello everyone! This is Rabbit Ears Book Blog and I am hosting a new meme called “Recommend This Wednesday” where you recommend various books or other subjects to fellow bloggers!

For this week, I will be recommending my top 3 Funniest Rabbit Ears titles that you should check out!


Three Billy GoatsPecos BillThe Fool and the Flying Ship

3. The Three Billy Goats Gruff and the Three Little Pigs: Another fantastic story that is as memorable as it is hilarious! Holly Hunter’s talent for changing her voice for different characters really shines in this collection as she takes on the voices of the Big Bad Wolf, the troll, the pigs and the Billy Goats and makes each characters sound so memorable! David Jorgensen’s artwork is both beautiful and hilarious to look at as the characters’ expressions really stand out in the story!

2. Pecos Bill: Another Rabbit Ears story narrated by Robin Williams, this popular tall tale legend that stars everyone’s favorite cowboy is given a more humorous tone as Robin Williams’ narration is full of good humor and energy that really defines this story. Tim Raglin’s artwork adds more to the light hearted mood of this story as the artwork is extremely colorful and gorgeous to look at!

1. The Fool and the Flying Ship: A Russian folktale that is given a more comedic remake with Robin Williams hilariously narrating this story and giving different voices to various characters and Henrik Drescher’s bizarre yet hilarious artwork that gives the story a more comedic and energetic tone! This story is surely one that fans of pure comedy should check out!

So, what are your top 3 Funniest Rabbit Ears titles? Answer in the comments below!


Posted on Wednesday, September 3, 2014.