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RABBIT EARS QUESTION #4: Which of these stories have you seen before (Game)!



Alright everyone!  So this week’s question is going to be a little game we can play!  The question for today is: Which of these stories have you seen before ?

The Rabbit Ears series is often not that well known to the public, but there are a couple of stories that some people may have seen before in their lives.  So, with this question, I will post up photos and links of all the Rabbit Ears stories that were made and you guys will list whichever one of these Rabbit Ears stories you have seen or heard of.  There is no limit on how many stories you listed, just as long as you list the ones you have seen or heard of before.

The story that gets the most mentions will be listed as the winner for this game in a few weeks!

So, which Rabbit Ears story have you seen or heard of?  Please feel free to pick any one of these stories in the comments below!

Here are the nominees:

Rabbit Ears Game 1

  1. The Firebird
  2. Brer Rabbit and Boss Lion
  3. Brer Rabbit and the Wonderful Tar Baby
  4. The Velveteen Rabbit


Rabbit Ears Game 1

5. Rip Van Winkle

6. Rumpelstiltskin

7. East of the Sun West of the Moon

8. The Elephant’s Child


Rabbit Ears Game 1

9. The Fool and the Flying Ship

10. Pecos Bill

11. The Steadfast Tin Soldier

12. The Five Chinese Brothers


Rabbit Ears Game 1

13. Thumbelina

14. How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin and How the Camel Got His Hump

15. The Lion and the Lamb

16. The Fisherman and his Wife


Rabbit Ears Game 1

17. The Emperor’s New Clothes

18. Stormalong

19. Mose the Fireman

20. Follow the Drinking Gourd


Rabbit Ears Game 1

21. Puss in Boots

22. Pinocchio

23. Annie Oakley

24. The Tailor of Gloucester


Rabbit Ears Game 1

25. The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat

26. The Tiger and the Brahmin

27. The Night Before Christmas

28. The Monkey People


Rabbit Ears Game 1

29. Davy Crockett

30. Squanto and the First Thanksgiving

31. Parables That Jesus Told

32. Jack and the Beanstalk


Rabbit Ears Game 1

33. Moses in Egypt

34. The Ugly Duckling

35. The Song of Sacajawea

36. Aladdin and the Magic Lamp


Rabbit Ears Game 1

37. The Three Billy Goats Gruff and the Three Little Pigs

38. A Gingerbread Christmas

39. Peachboy

40. Joseph and his Brothers


Rabbit Ears Game 1

41. John Henry

42. Noah and the Ark

43. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

44. King Midas and the Golden Touch


Rabbit Ears Game 1

45. The Talking Eggs

46. The Boy Who Drew Cats

47. Tom Thumb

48. The Bremen Town Musicians


Rabbit Ears Game 1

49. Finn McCoul

50. David and Goliath

51. The White Cat

52. Princess Scargo and the Birthday Pumpkin


Rabbit Ears Game 1

53. Koi and the Kola Nuts

54. The Creation

55. The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher and the Tale of Peter Rabbit

56. Moses the Lawgiver

BOOK DISCUSSIONS: Instagram (or Bookstagram)…Why do I Love It?

Hello fellow book bloggers!  Today’s discussion question is on “Instagram (or Bookstagram)…Why do I Love It?”


So, for those of you who have been following this blog for like…FOREVER…you may have noticed that I did a similar topic like this WAAAAYYYY back in 2015 called “OFF-TOPIC DISCUSSIONS #7: WHY USING INSTAGRAM IS FUN!”

My, how time has flown by, right?


So, you’re probably asking yourself “Rabbitearsblog, why in the world are you repeating the SAME topic again?  Especially a topic that you did like over a DECADE ago?”

Well, for one thing, it’s been over a decade since I last did that topic and THINGS CHANGE!  When I was a wee little blogger in the beginner’s level of blogging, I was taking little photos of my book lovelies left and right (and I’m still going strong, baby)!  But, let’s just say that my photos weren’t as…CREATIVE as they are building up to be right now.  I mean, I am talking about photos like this:



To photos like this:


(See the difference here)?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like my early book photos, but at that time, I didn’t have the props I needed to get…CREATIVE and JIGGY with it and sometimes those photos looked like BLAH…


But, at least I’m trying my DARNEST to make my current book photos look HOT for the presses!

Anyway, this post is not just about me rambling about my book photos and stuff, but about why I love using Instagram!

Well, obviously, I just love to take photos of my little lovelies and show them to the world!  Also, I get to test out my own CREATIVITY with book photography by placing little trinkets like *FLOWERS* all around my lovelies for show and tell!  That’s pretty much the reason why I started the Book Photo Sunday meme on my other blog because I just can’t get enough of awesome book photos!


So, do you have an Instagram account and do you enjoy taking photos of your books? And if you do have an Instagram account, feel free to leave the link to your Instagram account in the comments below!  I am always LURKING around Instagram to find some AWESTACULAR photos from other Instagrammers!


Since I’m talking about all things Instagram here, let me show off my book photos for your viewing pleasure!










Hello fellow book bloggers!  Today’s discussion question is on “Two book blogs…How do you juggle between them?”

Two blogs, you ask?  How in the world did you manage to juggle two blogs at the same time?




Well, the answer to that question my friends, is…IT ISN’T EASY, BUT IT CAN BE MANAGEABLE!

I actually have two main blogs that I managed, which are this website right here and my main book blog Rabbit Ears Book Blog (and two other blogs that I also managed, but not to the same degree as these two, which means, NOT A LOT).



So, yeah, I must confess that I don’t do a good job at managing *ALL* of my blogs, but in regards to these two babies here, I actually have some tips in managing multiple blogs at the same time.

TIP #1:

Set up a schedule where you can post on both blogs.  Like for me, I love to do book memes and how I split that up is that if I do the “It’s Monday! What are You Reading?” meme, I usually do it on my main book blog “Rabbit Ears Book Blog” and if I do the “WWW Wednesdays” meme, I like to do it on this website (because, you know, the WWW Wednesdays and It’s Monday! What are You Reading? memes are practically the same thing, just on different days).  Also, since I created the Book Photo Sundays meme (NEED SOME MORE LOVE THERE), I tend to use the same post I made on my main book blog Rabbit Ears Book Blog and put it in this website so that way I don’t have to go through the trouble of searching for different photos to post on this site.

TIP #2

You don’t necessarily have to post like over A MILLION things on both blogs.  Decide which blog you want to spend more time with and start posting most of your material there.  However, if you want to keep your other blog open for business (like I’m doing with this one, because I GOT MY REASONS), then you can make posts for your other blog any time.


So, those are my tips in managing multiple blogs at one time!  Do you manage multiple blogs at the same time and if you do, how do you manage it?




Book Discussions: Do you enjoy doing Blog Tours?


Hello everyone!  Today’s discussion question is on “Do you enjoy doing Blog Tours?”

I personally enjoy doing book or blog tours because it helps me get a chance to meet up with various authors who are promoting their books and it helps me discover new and interesting books that are coming out in the near future.

So what do you think?  Do you enjoy doing blog tours?  Please feel free to answer below!

Book Discussions: Do you read all the issues of your favorite comic book series?


Hello everyone! Welcome to another Bookish Discussions!  Today’s discussion is going to be for many comic book fans and it’s “do you read all the issues of your favorite comic book series?

Now, I’ve been an X-Men fan for a long time and most of the Marvel titles I had read dealt with the X-Men.  Unfortunately, recently I haven’t been getting into the recent X-Men comics because I haven’t been enjoying the direction they were taking the mutants and therefore, I haven’t been reading any of the current comics.

So this comes back to the question of “do you read every issue of your favorite comic book series” and for me, I tend to pick and choose a run that either had the most praise or I like the direction that that series is going towards to.  So, I don’t really read all the issues of a comic book series since I believe that even if you haven’t read all the issues of a comic book series, you can still understand what is going on with the characters since the creative teams tend to change ever so often and you can pick and choose what creative teams you want to read about.

So, do you read all the issues of your favorite comic book series? Please feel free to respond!

Book Discussions: Awesome Children’s Library Designs!



Hello everyone! Welcome to another Bookish Discussions!  Today’s discussion is going to be on “Awesome Children’s Library Designs!”

If there’s one thing that’s as good as reading books is having the perfect designs for your favorite libraries!  Here are some of my favorite designs from various children’s libraries!

  1. Laramie County Library @ Cheyenne, WY

I just loved the fact that there is a little train going through the library and a little playground for the kids to play on while they check out books from the library!

2. Imaginon Branch Library @ Charlotte, NC

This is seriously one of the most creatively structured libraries I had ever seen as the castle setting really made this library stand out!

3. Franklin Lakes  Public Library @ New Jersey

I just love the outside of this little library!

4. Children’s Library, Central Public Library @ Singapore

I just loved the tree theme of this library and it just makes this children’s library look so exotic!

5. Brentwood Library

So, what are some of your favorite children’s library designs? Please feel free to respond!

Book Discussions: Where’s your favorite place to read?



Hello everyone! Welcome to another Bookish Discussions!  Today’s discussion is going to be on “Where’s Your Favorite place to read?”

Whenever it comes to reading, it’s nice to have a place where you feel most comfortable reading your books and that’s why I have two places where I enjoy reading my books!

First place I like to read my books are by a window, especially whenever it starts raining. I enjoy looking outside and seeing the beauty of nature while also reading my book and seeing nature in all its glory at the same time. The second place I like to read at is out in an open field or somewhere in a park that has an open field.  I can get a chance to enjoy actually being out in nature whenever I am out in an open field and read my books to my heart’s content!


So, where’s your favorite place to read? Please feel free to respond!

Rabbit Ears Question #4: When did you get into Rabbit Ears?


Hey everyone! This week’s Rabbit Ears question is: when did you get into Rabbit Ears?

For me, I got into Rabbit Ears when I was 4 years old when I went to the library for the first time.  I remember my first Rabbit Ears story I got into was “Jack and the Beanstalk” and “The Fool and the Flying Ship,” which I got both of them from the library the exact same day.

Ever since I started watching those two videos, I was hooked onto the Rabbit Ears stories ever since and I still watch these videos to this very day!

So, when did you get into Rabbit Ears?  Please comment down below!

Rabbit Ears Question #3: Have you heard of Rabbit Ears before?


Alright everyone! So this week’s question is: Have you heard of Rabbit Ears before?

Now I noticed that Rabbit Ears Productions is very unknown with the main public, what with this series being made way back in the 1980s and not being exposed to various popular TV networks at the time.  The only thing that makes this series well known enough are the amount of celebrities that narrated the stories such as:

Robin Williams, Denzel Washington, Whoopi Goldberg, Meryl Streep, Danny Glover and Geena Davis.

Usually, anyone who had grown up with this series would know about this series’ existence, such as myself, since I have been watching Rabbit Ears ever since I was little.  So, the question here is:

Have you heard of Rabbit Ears Productions before and when did you discover the series?

Rabbit Ears Question #2: What are your favorite Rabbit Ears stories?


Hey everyone! I’m starting a new thing on this blog called “Rabbit Ears Questions” where I ask everyone certain questions that deal with Rabbit Ears! Today’s question is:

“What are your favorite Rabbit Ears stories?”

For me personally, my favorite Rabbit Ears stories are always:

The Fool and the Flying Ship: narrated by Robin Williams

John Henry: narrated by Denzel Washington

Brer Rabbit and Boss Lion: narrated by Danny Glover

East of the Sun West of the Moon: narrated by Max Von Sydow

The Emperor and the Nightingale: narrated by Glenn Close

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: narrated by Glenn Close

Pecos Bill: narrated by Robin Williams

So, what are you thoughts?


“What are your favorite Rabbit Ears Stories?”
Please answer below and join me for another “Rabbit Ears Questions” corner!