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BOOK DISCUSSIONS: Instagram (or Bookstagram)…Why do I Love It?

Hello fellow book bloggers!  Today’s discussion question is on “Instagram (or Bookstagram)…Why do I Love It?”


So, for those of you who have been following this blog for like…FOREVER…you may have noticed that I did a similar topic like this WAAAAYYYY back in 2015 called “OFF-TOPIC DISCUSSIONS #7: WHY USING INSTAGRAM IS FUN!”

My, how time has flown by, right?


So, you’re probably asking yourself “Rabbitearsblog, why in the world are you repeating the SAME topic again?  Especially a topic that you did like over a DECADE ago?”

Well, for one thing, it’s been over a decade since I last did that topic and THINGS CHANGE!  When I was a wee little blogger in the beginner’s level of blogging, I was taking little photos of my book lovelies left and right (and I’m still going strong, baby)!  But, let’s just say that my photos weren’t as…CREATIVE as they are building up to be right now.  I mean, I am talking about photos like this:



To photos like this:


(See the difference here)?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like my early book photos, but at that time, I didn’t have the props I needed to get…CREATIVE and JIGGY with it and sometimes those photos looked like BLAH…


But, at least I’m trying my DARNEST to make my current book photos look HOT for the presses!

Anyway, this post is not just about me rambling about my book photos and stuff, but about why I love using Instagram!

Well, obviously, I just love to take photos of my little lovelies and show them to the world!  Also, I get to test out my own CREATIVITY with book photography by placing little trinkets like *FLOWERS* all around my lovelies for show and tell!  That’s pretty much the reason why I started the Book Photo Sunday meme on my other blog because I just can’t get enough of awesome book photos!


So, do you have an Instagram account and do you enjoy taking photos of your books? And if you do have an Instagram account, feel free to leave the link to your Instagram account in the comments below!  I am always LURKING around Instagram to find some AWESTACULAR photos from other Instagrammers!


Since I’m talking about all things Instagram here, let me show off my book photos for your viewing pleasure!










Hello fellow book bloggers!  Today’s discussion question is on “Two book blogs…How do you juggle between them?”

Two blogs, you ask?  How in the world did you manage to juggle two blogs at the same time?




Well, the answer to that question my friends, is…IT ISN’T EASY, BUT IT CAN BE MANAGEABLE!

I actually have two main blogs that I managed, which are this website right here and my main book blog Rabbit Ears Book Blog (and two other blogs that I also managed, but not to the same degree as these two, which means, NOT A LOT).



So, yeah, I must confess that I don’t do a good job at managing *ALL* of my blogs, but in regards to these two babies here, I actually have some tips in managing multiple blogs at the same time.

TIP #1:

Set up a schedule where you can post on both blogs.  Like for me, I love to do book memes and how I split that up is that if I do the “It’s Monday! What are You Reading?” meme, I usually do it on my main book blog “Rabbit Ears Book Blog” and if I do the “WWW Wednesdays” meme, I like to do it on this website (because, you know, the WWW Wednesdays and It’s Monday! What are You Reading? memes are practically the same thing, just on different days).  Also, since I created the Book Photo Sundays meme (NEED SOME MORE LOVE THERE), I tend to use the same post I made on my main book blog Rabbit Ears Book Blog and put it in this website so that way I don’t have to go through the trouble of searching for different photos to post on this site.

TIP #2

You don’t necessarily have to post like over A MILLION things on both blogs.  Decide which blog you want to spend more time with and start posting most of your material there.  However, if you want to keep your other blog open for business (like I’m doing with this one, because I GOT MY REASONS), then you can make posts for your other blog any time.


So, those are my tips in managing multiple blogs at one time!  Do you manage multiple blogs at the same time and if you do, how do you manage it?




Book Discussions: Do you enjoy doing Blog Tours?


Hello everyone!  Today’s discussion question is on “Do you enjoy doing Blog Tours?”

I personally enjoy doing book or blog tours because it helps me get a chance to meet up with various authors who are promoting their books and it helps me discover new and interesting books that are coming out in the near future.

So what do you think?  Do you enjoy doing blog tours?  Please feel free to answer below!

Book Discussions: Do you have a TBR Jar?


Hello everyone! Welcome to another Bookish Discussions!  Today’s discussion is going to be on “Do You Have a TBR Jar?”


It’s hard trying to read books that you want to read, but every time you add a new book to your TBR shelf, you either don’t have time to  read all of those books or you just keep adding new books to your shelf and the TBR list just keeps growing!  So, how do you handle this?  Well, after reading this wonderful post from It’s All About Books, I got the idea to just make a TBR jar where I just randomly choose the color of pieces of paper from the jar and whatever color I tend to grab from the jar will be the book I will read from my TBR pile!  Seems simple enough, right?

Well, I think that if you have any kind of strategy that will help you get through your ever growing TBR shelf, then this strategy seems like a pretty effective way in doing it!

So, do you have a TBR Jar? Please feel free to respond!

Book Discussions: What are your Bookish Goals for 2016?


Hello everyone! Welcome to another Bookish Discussions!  Today’s discussion is going to be on “What are your Bookish Goals for 2016?”

For me, I have a lot of goals to complete this year and here they are:

  1. Read up to 100 books: This was a task that I wasn’t able to complete last year, so this year I will try to read up to 100 books for my challenge!
  2. Complete at least 3 challenges this year:  I was only able to complete one challenge last year so I will try to complete at least 3 challenges this year!
  3. Comment on more blogs: I’ve often have trouble commenting on other blogs, so I’m going to try and comment on more blogs this year!
  4. Follow more book blogs: There are so many good book blogs out there that I want to follow, so I’ll try to search out more blogs for this year!

So, what are your bookish goals for 2016? Please feel free to respond!

Off-Topic Discussions #9: What books do you want to see as movies or TV shows?


Hello everyone! Welcome to another weekly “Off-Topic Discussion!” This week’s off-topic discussion is, “What books do you want to see as a movie or as a TV series?”


Now, there are many books out there that we think deserve to be put into a film or into a TV series because there’s so much potential to spread out the characters’ stories through another medium.  Now at times, this can work for the book that is being adapted and other times, it can work against the book that is being adapted, depending on who is working on the films or the TV series.


For me, here are some books that I would love to see get their own TV series or films:

1.  The Fool and the Flying Ship by Eric Metaxas

The Fool and the Flying Ship (1991)

This is one book that I’ve always wanted to see get its own TV series since there are so many story lines that could be explored with these characters!  I also think that the book’s off the wall humor and creative artwork would appeal to a large TV audience.

2. Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta


This is one book I want to see as a film because I really enjoyed the relationships between the characters and I would love to see Jellicoe Road portrayed on screen in live action!

3. Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor


This would be a fantastic series to put onto film, especially with seeing such creatures like the chimera and the angels on the screen together!

4. The Piper’s Son by Melina Marchetta

I know that we should start with “Saving Francesca” first since that’s the first in this series, but I really enjoyed reading “The Piper’s Son” and I would love to see who would play as Thomas in this film!


5. The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

I just loved this book and I would love to see how they would portray the characters and the bizarre world this book is set in on the big screen!


So, what books would you like to see on film or TV?


Please feel free to comment below!


Off-Topic Discussions #8: What are some bookish problems you faced?


Hello everyone! Welcome to another weekly “Off-Topic Discussion!” This week’s off-topic discussion is, “What are some Bookish Problems that you have faced?”


Now, everyone has some days where reading books can become difficult because of so many factors playing into our lives that would keep us busy, like going to school or having a job and therefore, we would encounter problems with reading in general.


For me, some bookish problems I have are not being able to read all of the books on my To Be Read pile, not being able to finish reading all the books I got from my library and not being able to afford buying more than just one or two books.


My TBR pile is like over 400 books and I know that it will take me forever to finish that pile because either I don’t have the time to read all of those books in one year or I keep adding more books that I want to read to the pile and it gets to that point where this task will be a lot harder to complete than I thought at first.  Whenever I go to the library to check out books, I often end up turning some of the books back to the library without reading them because I would start to get nervous about trying to figure out what book I want to read first or last and therefore, it prevents me from trying to read all the books I checked out from the library.  I sometimes have problems with buying many books because there are rarely any books that are cheap to buy (unless they are used books), therefore I can only afford to buy one or two books at a time due to the expensive costs of some of the books that I wanted to buy.


So, what are some bookish problems that you faced?


Please feel free to comment below!



Off-Topic Discussions #7: Why Using Instagram is Fun!


Hello everyone! Welcome to another weekly “Off-Topic Discussion!” This week’s off-topic discussion is, “Why Using Instagram is Fun!”


Now, I just recently signed up for Instagram and I’m having a blast with using this account!  I really enjoy taking pictures of the books I own and I think it’s great that I have place where I could show off my collection to other book lovers!  I also enjoy taking pictures of myself with my book collection and I like showing these photos off to other book fans!




So, how do you feel about Instagram and do you have an instagram account?


Please feel free to comment below!

Off-Topic Discussions #6: Why are Reading Challenges fun and helpful?



Hello everyone! Welcome to another weekly “Off-Topic Discussion!” This week’s off-topic discussion is, “Why are Reading Challenges fun and helpful?”
I will admit that I didn’t get into the whole “Reading Challenges” thing until this year since I rarely complete any challenges that I participate in.  But this year, I’m getting involved in many reading challenges and not only do I find them extremely fun to do, but they also help me in trying out different books.

I love reading many different books and trying out reading challenges that have different themes, such as “Bookish Bingo” where you have to read certain books that fit a category on the Bingo board such as “Middle Grade,” “Fairy Tale Retelling” and “Red Cover.” It helps me read books that I normally wouldn’t read while trying out something different when it comes to reading.

Reading Challenge

So, why do you think reading challenges are fun and helpful?

Please feel free to comment below!