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Weirdest Movie Blogathon – My List!

Hey everyone!  I just recently created a new blogathon called “Weirdest Movies Blogathon” where you get to list the weirdest movies you have ever seen!  If you want to know the rules of this blogathon, then click HERE. (Taken from my Surreal Movies and TV Blog).

So, here’s my 5 weirdest movies that I have ever seen (so far):

1)  Beetlejuice ~  MY REVIEW

I always loved this movie and this is seriously one of the weirdest horror comedies that I have ever seen!  Giant sandworms, travelling between the world of the living and dead?  Being possessed to dance to the “Banana Boat Song?”  All of that weirdness in this movie!

2)  James and the Giant Peach ~ MY REVIEW

The fact that this movie is about a young boy going on an adventure with giant bugs and travels on a giant peach makes this one of the oddest fantasy films that I have ever seen!

3. Mirrormask ~ MY REVIEW

Another bizarre fantasy film that has some of the strangest creatures that I have ever seen on film, especially those sphinx cats!

4. Sorry to Bother You

This is probably one of my most favorite movies in recent years that’s actually weird!  So many weird moments throughout this film such as flying office appliances, a girlfriend whose ear rings constantly change and a shocking and weird twist in the plot!

5.  Monkeybone ~ MY REVIEW

Not my favorite movie, but you have to admit that the visuals in this movie are downright bizarre and awesome to look at!