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January Monthly Best Blog Posts (2018)

Monthly Best Blog Posts January

Hey everyone! I’m doing a new thing for my blog called “Monthly Best Blog Posts” where I post my favorite blog posts from other blogs for each month. This blog meme was created by Kristin @ Kristin Kraves Books and I wanted to list my favorite blog posts from each blog!

If you have any favorite blog pots of each month, then feel free to join in!

  1. Briana @ Pages Unbound discusses about her 10 BOOKISH PET PEEVES
  2. Charlie @ Girl of 1000 Wonders discusses about Sexuality in YA
  3. Yvo @ It’s All About Books posts about Unfinished Business AKA Let’s Finally Finish These Series 2018
  4. Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books discusses about WHY I DON’T (REALLY) DO TBRS
  5. Dani @ Perspective of a Writer discusses about What I learned as a Guest Post Author
  6. Kathy @ Books and Munches discusses about Links in blog posts
  7. Nada @ Africaanah’s Book Blog discusses about Should good books be adapted for the big screen?
  8. Janine @ The World Was Hers for the Reading discusses about her Bookish Goals for 2018
  9. Mikaela @ The Well-Thumbed Reader discusses about Can Blog-Hopping Become A Burden On Book Bloggers?
  10. Analee @ Book Snacks discusses about Do we put too much pressure on ourselves to produce “quality” content?
  11. Ashley @ Falling Down the Book Hole discusses about Do I Read/ Continue?
  12. Kelly @ Another Book in the Wall discusses about Book to Film Adaptations
  13. Lynne @ Fictionophile discusses about Are you an ‘avid’ reader?
  14. Rhea @ Bookchanted discusses about Struggles Only Bookworms Understand
  15. Michelle @ Chelle’s Book Ramblings discusses about Which Type Of Reading Slump are you going through?