Book Discussions: Do you have a TBR Jar?


Hello everyone! Welcome to another Bookish Discussions!  Today’s discussion is going to be on “Do You Have a TBR Jar?”


It’s hard trying to read books that you want to read, but every time you add a new book to your TBR shelf, you either don’t have time to  read all of those books or you just keep adding new books to your shelf and the TBR list just keeps growing!  So, how do you handle this?  Well, after reading this wonderful post from It’s All About Books, I got the idea to just make a TBR jar where I just randomly choose the color of pieces of paper from the jar and whatever color I tend to grab from the jar will be the book I will read from my TBR pile!  Seems simple enough, right?

Well, I think that if you have any kind of strategy that will help you get through your ever growing TBR shelf, then this strategy seems like a pretty effective way in doing it!

So, do you have a TBR Jar? Please feel free to respond!

15 thoughts on “Book Discussions: Do you have a TBR Jar?”

  1. No I don’t but I am thinking about making one. I am very much a mood reader and worry that I wouldn’t be able to stick to it. But I like the idea of color coding them by genre.

  2. I like the idea of having a TBR jar! But unfortunately, I don’t have a jar. Second, I’m such a mood reader, that I would probably pick up the piece of paper, look at it, then put it back!

  3. I don’t have a TBR jar myself, but I sure do enjoy the idea and seeing other people’s. Some people make their jars really unique, and others are pretty simple. However I think they do come in handy for indecisive people, such as myself. The only reason I don’t have a TBR jar is because I know I won’t stick to whatever I pick, lol. I read mostly off of mood, so if I pick something out of the jar that isn’t ideal to my mood at the time, I’ll just disregard it…which isn’t the purpose of the jar.

    So yeah, sorry about babbling, lol. TBR jars are great, but not so much for me haha. 🙂

    -Jess @jbelkbooks

  4. I actually have a TBR Jar, I made it last April because I couldn’t decide on what to read next. I put a lot of effort to it, it was actually printed and everything. But guess what? Haha, I didn’t stick to it. I’m a mood reader and it really didn’t worked for me, I kept on saying that it was just a trial whenever I didn’t want to read the book that I picked out. Lol. But I do hope that it’ll work wonderfully with you! 😄😂

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