The Pastry Book Tag

Pastry Book Tag

Hey everyone! I just been tagged once again for another book tag called “The Pastry Book Tag” and the person who tagged me for this book tag was Giovanna @ Bookcoma! Now onto the tag!

1.) Croissant:
Name a popular book or series that everyone (including you) loves.

I have always loved the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling and that is  definitely a series that is highly popular among many book fans!

2.) Macaron:
Name a book that was hard to get through but worth it at the end.

At first, I had a hard time trying to get through Colleen Hoover’s “Hopeless,” but after I reached the second half of the book, it turned out to be a great read!

3.) Vol-au-vent:
Name a book that you thought would be amazing but fell flat.

I thought I was going to enjoy Margo Lanagan’s “Black Juice,” but it ended up not being interesting to me in the end.

4.) Pain au chocolat:
Name a book that you thought would be one thing but turned out to be something else.

Definitely Laini Taylor’s “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” series! I thought that it was going to be another vampire romance novel, but the introduction of angels and chimeras and the heroine’s true identity really surprised me!

5.) Profiterole:
Name a book or series that doesn’t get enough attention.

The Fool and the Flying Ship (1991)

The one book that I always try to tell people about is Eric Metaxas’ “The Fool and the Flying Ship!” It’s absolutely one of my most favorite books of all time and yet it doesn’t get a lot of attention in the book fan base!

6.) Croquembouche:
Name a book or series that’s extremely complex.

Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” is definitely one book that was pretty complicated to understand, especially if you’re not aware of the various myths of Gods in literature like Anansi the Spider Man and Thor.

7.) Napoleon:
Name a movie or TV show based off a book that you liked better than the book itself.

I’ve picked “Shrek” because I’ve read the original children’s book by William Steig and while it was interesting to read, I felt that it wasn’t as good as the movie.

8.) Empanada:
Name a book that was bittersweet.

I found Laini Taylor’s “Days of Blood and Starlight,” the sequel to “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” to be pretty bittersweet, especially with Akiva atoning for what he did in the first book.

9.) Kolompeh:
Name a book or series that takes place somewhere other than your home country:

Most of Lisa Kleypas’ “Wallflowers” series takes place in Britain and I’ve really enjoyed that series!

10.) Pate a Choux:
Name one food from a book or series that you would like to try.

Oh, I can’t remember the names of the food items in the “Harry Potter” series, but one that comes to mind is their butter beer and I would love to try that someday!


I like to thank Giovanna @ Bookcoma for tagging me! I really enjoyed this!  Now here are my nominees!


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  10. Jenaca @ Jenacide by Bibliophile

14 thoughts on “The Pastry Book Tag”

  1. Thank you sooo much for the tag!!! And I loved your answers! I’m literally shaming myself because I STILL haven’t read the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series. Haha, I feel like such a bad person and I’ve heard such great things about it. I’m going to buy this trilogy one day when I’m richer. Thank you!!!

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