ANNOUNCEMENT: Looking for New Co-Bloggers for this blog!


Attention everyone! I am looking for some new co-bloggers for this blog who will either do discussions about books and other topics or discuss about what they love about the Rabbit Ears series and do reviews for the Rabbit Ears stories they have read or seen.  Here are some qualifications I would like for new co-bloggers:

  • Have fun on this blog!  It’s always enjoyable to have bloggers who enjoy blogging and giving out their own opinions about a book they’ve read.
  • Put the topics in the right sections.  If you are doing book reviews or topics that are not related to Rabbit Ears, make sure when you do a book review or a topic that is off topic, put “Off Topic” in the title so it would be much easier to see which topics are Rabbit Ears related and which topics are not Rabbit Ears related.
  • Please feel free to become a Rabbit Ears Fan!  If you are a huge fan of Rabbit Ears Productions or if you are interested in the series and you want to voice your opinions on the books or these topics, then please feel free to join!  You don’t necessary have to know about Rabbit Ears Productions to join, just show that you are enthusiastic enough to blog posts on a day to day basis on this blog!
  • No Deadline for Sign Ups!  There is no deadline to sign up!  You can sign up to become a co-blogger any time you want!

Well, that’s the requirements and the news about being a co-blogger for this blog!  Please feel free to sign up if you are interested and I will notify the new co-bloggers as soon as I can!