Off-Topic Discussions #8: What are some bookish problems you faced?


Hello everyone! Welcome to another weekly “Off-Topic Discussion!” This week’s off-topic discussion is, “What are some Bookish Problems that you have faced?”


Now, everyone has some days where reading books can become difficult because of so many factors playing into our lives that would keep us busy, like going to school or having a job and therefore, we would encounter problems with reading in general.


For me, some bookish problems I have are not being able to read all of the books on my To Be Read pile, not being able to finish reading all the books I got from my library and not being able to afford buying more than just one or two books.


My TBR pile is like over 400 books and I know that it will take me forever to finish that pile because either I don’t have the time to read all of those books in one year or I keep adding more books that I want to read to the pile and it gets to that point where this task will be a lot harder to complete than I thought at first.  Whenever I go to the library to check out books, I often end up turning some of the books back to the library without reading them because I would start to get nervous about trying to figure out what book I want to read first or last and therefore, it prevents me from trying to read all the books I checked out from the library.  I sometimes have problems with buying many books because there are rarely any books that are cheap to buy (unless they are used books), therefore I can only afford to buy one or two books at a time due to the expensive costs of some of the books that I wanted to buy.


So, what are some bookish problems that you faced?


Please feel free to comment below!




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