Off-Topic Discussions #6: Why are Reading Challenges fun and helpful?



Hello everyone! Welcome to another weekly “Off-Topic Discussion!” This week’s off-topic discussion is, “Why are Reading Challenges fun and helpful?”
I will admit that I didn’t get into the whole “Reading Challenges” thing until this year since I rarely complete any challenges that I participate in.  But this year, I’m getting involved in many reading challenges and not only do I find them extremely fun to do, but they also help me in trying out different books.

I love reading many different books and trying out reading challenges that have different themes, such as “Bookish Bingo” where you have to read certain books that fit a category on the Bingo board such as “Middle Grade,” “Fairy Tale Retelling” and “Red Cover.” It helps me read books that I normally wouldn’t read while trying out something different when it comes to reading.

Reading Challenge

So, why do you think reading challenges are fun and helpful?

Please feel free to comment below!