Story Discussions #3: Pecos Bill (1988)

Pecos Bill (1988)

Hey everybody! Welcome to “Story Discussions,” where we talk about various Rabbit Ears stories each week and you can talk about what you liked or hated about the Rabbit Ears story we will discuss for that week.
This week’s Rabbit Ears story we will be discussing this week is:

Pecos Bill (1988)

Narrated by: Robin Williams
Music by: Ry Cooder
Illustrated by: Tim Raglin
Another personal favorite from the “Rabbit Ears: Storybook Classics” series, this tale was just so fun to read and I really enjoyed Robin Williams’ hilarious narration as he gave each character a lively personality and it made the story really interesting to sit through!  I also loved Ry Cooder’s music as it fits perfectly with the story’s western theme and also gives this story a very upbeat tone.  Tim Raglin’s illustrations further brings out the colorful world of this old tall tale as the landscapes that Pecos Bill visits are colorful and vibrant at the same time!
So, what did you liked or hated about Robin Williams’ narration on “Pecos Bill?”
Please feel free to answer below!

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