Rabbit Ears Question #2: What are your favorite Rabbit Ears stories?


Hey everyone! I’m starting a new thing on this blog called “Rabbit Ears Questions” where I ask everyone certain questions that deal with Rabbit Ears! Today’s question is:

“What are your favorite Rabbit Ears stories?”

For me personally, my favorite Rabbit Ears stories are always:

The Fool and the Flying Ship: narrated by Robin Williams

John Henry: narrated by Denzel Washington

Brer Rabbit and Boss Lion: narrated by Danny Glover

East of the Sun West of the Moon: narrated by Max Von Sydow

The Emperor and the Nightingale: narrated by Glenn Close

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: narrated by Glenn Close

Pecos Bill: narrated by Robin Williams

So, what are you thoughts?


“What are your favorite Rabbit Ears Stories?”
Please answer below and join me for another “Rabbit Ears Questions” corner!