Rabbit Ears Question #1: What do you like about Rabbit Ears?


Hey everyone! I’m starting a new thing on this blog called “Rabbit Ears Questions” where I ask everyone certain questions that deal with Rabbit Ears!  Today’s question is:

“What do you like about Rabbit Ears?”

For me personally, what I like about Rabbit Ears is the fact that they are able to gather up so many famous celebrities and have them narrate classic children’s tales along with well known musicians and illustrators providing so much creativity to the stories.

Who would have thought that you would have famous celebrities narrating children’s stories?

I also loved the fact that you have all the combinations of the celebrities’ narrations, the music and the illustrations coming together and creating an uplifting atmosphere for these stories.

You can have stories be funny and hilarious like “The Fool and the Flying Ship” and “Pecos Bill” or you can have stories that are dramatic and heartwarming like “The Velveteen Rabbit” and “East of the Sun West of the Moon.”

The fact is, if you have narrators who are committed to providing astonishing performances for these stories, then you have a pretty successful series on your hands and Rabbit Ears has managed to do that flawlessly!

So, what are you thoughts?

“What do you like about Rabbit Ears?”
Please answer below and join me for another “Rabbit Ears Questions” corner!


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