The Sunday Post Meme (1)

The Sunday Post
Hey everybody! I am participating in a book meme called the Sunday Post which is being hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer! The goal of this meme is to share news you have on various books and things you’ve read or received and also talk about what is coming up for your blog!  Book hauls can include library books, yard sale finds, arcs and bought books and you can share these finds with other book bloggers!
So for this week, I am going to report the three books I had reviewed last week and they are The Fisherman and his Wife by Eric Metaxas, How the Leopard Got His Spots by Rudyard Kipling and Rabbit Ears Treasury of World Tales Volume 2: The White Cat and the Fool and the Flying Ship!
The Fisherman and his Wife Book Cover
This Rabbit Ears is based off the Brothers Grimm’s classic “The Fisherman and his Wife” and is narrated by Jodie Foster along with music by Van Dyke Parks!  This version of the famous fairy tale also has illustrations by Diana Bryan and it is clearly one of the most intense and creative versions of the classic fairy tale!  This is definitely one book that you should add to your fairy tale collection!
How the Leopard Got His Spots Book Cover

This Rabbit Ears story is adapted fro Rudyard Kipling’s classic “Just So Stories” series and is narrated by Danny Glover along with music by Ladysmith Black Mambazo!  It also contains artwork by Lori Lohstoeter and is a truly colorful and wonderful rendition of the classic “Just So Story.”  This is easily a classic that should be both watched and read by children for many years!


Rabbit Ears Treasury of World Tales Volume 2: The White Cat and the Fool and the Flying Ship

One of Rabbit Ears Treasury’s fantastic audiobook series, this fantastic combination by both Emma Thompson and Robin Williams really made this audiobook worth reading!  Basically, this audiobook contains two stories from the legendary Rabbit Ears series which are “The White Cat” which is a French fairy tale about a prince falling in love with a White Cat Princess that is narrated by Emma Thompson along with music by Joe Jackson and “The Fool and the Flying Ship” which is a Russian folktale about a young fool gathering up a group of friends with strange abilities as they go to the Tsar’s palace to win the princess’ hand in marriage which is narrated by Robin Williams along with music by the Klezmer Conservatory Band.  This is definitely one audiobook you have to check out!


New “I Am a Rabbit Ears” Fan Button!

I Am a Rabbit Ears Fan Button

Hey everyone! I just created a new button for anyone who is a huge fan of Rabbit Ears and wants to show off their pride for this series!  So please feel free to grab this button and post it on your website, while leaving your name and website in the comments on the “I Am a Rabbit Ears Fan” page, which the link is located up above!


Well, that’s the Sunday News for today and I will have more news for the various books I’ve read in the near future!


Posted on Sunday, September 14, 2014