Pecos Bill by Brian Gleeson

Pecos Bill (1988)Blog 2 Info

Genre: Western / Humor / Adventure / Tall Tale

Year Published: 1988

Year Read: 2007

Series: Storybook Classics

Publisher: Rabbit Ears Books

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In the 80’s Rabbit Ears had made their trademark as one of the most popular series for children. “Pecos Bill” is no exception as this story won numerous Grammy Awards. With Robin Williams’ narration, Tim Raglin’s drawings, and Ry Cooder’s music, “Pecos Bill” is surely a story you will want to watch over and over again.

Blog 4 Pros

Robin Williams’ narration, Ry Cooder’s music and Tim Raglin’s illustrations are the true highlights of this story. First off, Robin Williams narrates with high-energy and a cowboy accent to boot. Whenever, Pecos Bill goes through any peril, Robin Williams is loud and excited about the situation as if he was there when Bill performed these spectacular acts. Next on the list is Ry Cooder’s country music. Ry Cooder’s solo guitar performance has provided the perfect mood for the story, going from a light and happy tune highlighting Pecos Bill’s early adventures to dark and intense when Pecos Bill goes against the cyclone, which Cooder’s music may have foreshadowed Pecos Bill’s disappearance from Texas in this scene. Finally, Tim Raglin’s colorful illustrations have greatly influence the mood of this story. Raglin’s drawings are colorful and rich as he greatly details the plains and the cyclone in fluent colors. Raglin also illustrates Pecos Bill’s life in a humorous way, such as, the scene where Pecos Bill is shown throwing around the rattlesnake like a lasso. Tim Raglin’s highlighted illustration was of Pecos Bill himself, as Pecos Bill is drawn with white, fluffy pants, a polka-dotted handkerchief, and suave red hair that make him have the appearance of a true hero.

Blog 6 Overall

“Pecos Bill” was considered to be Rabbit Ears finest half-hour story. Well, I think that they were right about that. “Pecos Bill” has everything that you would expect from a natural cowboy movie. The story has loads of adventure, comedy, romance, and suspense and each scene describing these genres is greatly enhanced by the narration, drawings and illustrations. “Pecos Bill” is loads of laughs and shocks and is a perfect film for the entire family.

Blog 7 Awards Grammy Award – Best Recording for Children Parents’ Choice – Best Video of Children in 1988 American Library Association – Notable Children’s Recording American Film and Video Festival – Red Ribbon International Monitor Awards – Best in Children’s Programming Media and Methods Portfolio CINE Golden Eagle Award Parents’ Choice – Classic Award


5 stars


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5 thoughts on “Pecos Bill by Brian Gleeson”

  1. I was introduce to him by the Spaniard market so very interesting to read about him in English as have this idea of the Spaniard cowboy who goes out there doing crazy things and sing along the way

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